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  1. URBANSTOP (Remember the name!) My website was created with the artist in mind. Formerly at nearly 10,000 members, I recently relaunched and am looking for artists to re-populate the site, bringing along their fan base, persona, and of course their contributions to the music world. EVERY genre is welcome, and there is no cap to the amount of music you can upload. Simply create your profile ---> Become a Member! Upload music to your profile And then you can submit notice of your track's existence to us, in order to have it promoted to over 50,000 people here ---> Offers Soon, you will also be able to submit your mixtapes for listening sessions, thus causing us to promote your mixtape and solicit feedback ---> Mixtape Listening Session Oh, and did I mention we have a radio show that will be back in full effect next tuesday? All underground music is chosen from the website itself, where the music is to be uploaded, and from which we can download it. SET UP YOUR PROFILE TODAY!
  2. I Do Event Flyers :-]

    Quality work done QUICKLY ... but not before the $$$ hits my paypal. 24 hour turnaround (usually MUCH less time is required) after the fee of $50.00 has been paid. E-mail me at urbanstopdotus@gmail.com Examples:
  3. C. Luva - Club Scene Queen (Produced by LuVa)

    a dj will be breaking this one in ATL within the nxt two weeks. yeah uh huh ... you're welcome!
  4. 4-Way Ft. C. Luva - Hav My Baby (Produced By The Trendsettaz)

    you already know this is a favorite! gets played every time my radio show airs
  5. C. Luva - Club Scene Queen (Produced by LuVa)

    you already know i like this track! it gets played on urbanstopRADIO, guaranteed :-]
  6. T-Pain Ft Shawnna - Dope

    any word on where i can find this song now?
  7. Chalie Boy - I Look Good

    links are broken...
  8. Post your twitter

  9. Internet Radio Stations List

    urbanstopRADIO www.urbanstop.us 1) www.blogtalkradio.com/urbanstopradio or www.urbanstop.us 2) rap, hip hop, r&b 3) urbanstop@yahoo.com 4) urbanstop@yahoo.com [send a bio and contact information along with your tracks!] 5) Nique 6) n/a 7) Our show has a laid back vibe. On the show, we tackle current or recent hip hop headlines, as well as interacting with callers and playing new hip hop. The radio show goes hand in hand with the site that is its namesake, www.urbanstop.us. Interview opportunities will be available soon!
  10. urbanstopRADIO

    urbanstopRADIO is an online/internet radio show that's dedicated in part to the site which is its namesake [www.urbanstop.us] and discovering new talent as well as giving them an outlet and a way to be heard by large amounts of people, quickly and easily. Artists are encouraged to send in their tracks, along with short bios, to urbanstop@yahoo.com for radio airplay in our Fresh New Hip Hop segment. Interview opportunities will be coming soon, so be sure to hit me up! www.urbanstop.us www.blogtalkradio.com/urbanstopradio Tuesday/Thursday: 10 PM Central Time Saturday: 11 PM Central Time Call In: 646 727 1084 Contact www.myspace.com/urbanstopswaggteam www.urbanstop.us/page/br0wniie