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  1. Eerie sounding tracks seem to be the norm in today's Hip Hop musical soundscape. I wish the verses were longer. Overall, it's decent, but falls short of what you would expect from a superstar line-up such as Drake & The Throne.
  2. I like the massive appeal of the track, but the computerized vocals are becoming overly utilized.
  3. Hot joint, brings back that 90's flavor.
  4. Although Kanye's music has been hot for many years, this is the gear I love to see him drive in. Classic joint, it has the or a of a HIP HOP staple.
  5. Consistency is important to sustain longevity in the music industry, and more specifically Hip Hop. Drake is one the few consistent artists right now - he continues to put quality joints. The Language is a headbanger.
  6. The hook is catchy and inspiring, it fits well with the commercial circuit. The song as a whole kinda tapers off as it proceeds in full length form.
  7. Pharrell continues to press out timely hits with his signature sound, that seem contain a mixture between Motown's era - along with that funky swing styke music of Ray Charles heyday ! Dj Rick 2/05/2014
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