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  1. nice track... if you outta Detroit...then you definitely heard of MaeDay...sis is the truth!
  2. love for these ladies...
  3. This is cool but I liked to hear artist use less of the auto-tune...
  4. like Jeezy but dont know it this will be a big time banger!
  5. got that old school vibe...like Ice Cube's today was a good day"
  6. i like the end of the track with the guitar ....
  7. aint nothing with trying something new....#chuuch
  8. good sound... i see you switch up yo flows too
  9. it seem like a mix of trap and dubstep....different vibe!
  10. kevin gettin alot of attention now... i think he's doing lot a lot of artist are doing features to get that doe!...nice trac but the style still the same as most stuff...more original beat and original concepts...#chuuch
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