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  1. Twista - How Low (Remix)

    hell yeah I think twista is good for alot of remix cause he can flow on almost anything a fast beat or a slow one
  2. KC Jockey - Rub Your Body

    yeah this song is dope I think all the honeys will go crazy for this
  3. Timberland Ft. T Pain - Talk That

    hell yeah thats a club bangger but I need the clean edit
  4. dam hell yeah warren G coming hard all I need is the clean edit and I know the west will be back
  5. Warren G Ft. RBX - Suicide (Produced by Warren G)

    hell yeah another banger but try to get the clean edit I know it will bang down here so hit me up
  6. hey yeah this is tight but I need the clean edit we need to bring the west coast back
  7. Baby Boy Ft. Yung L.A. - Stuntin'

    I like it sound good a nice crusin track on a sunday afternoon
  8. Bun B Ft. Juvenile & Webbie - Pop It 4 Pimp

    hell yeah this gotta be a club banger it sound perfect for the strip clubs but whats up with the clean edit
  9. Changing Faces - Crazy Luv

    hell yeah this is a good track it sound like some baby making music
  10. Ludacris And Lil

    I dont know it sound like its missing some thing
  11. hell yeah i think JD ripped it up he doing his thing
  12. Verse - Buy You A Round (Up & Down)

    at first i was like I dont know but you play it a couple of time is ok you can tell this is gonna be the next club bannger all the honeys r gonna go crazy over this
  13. Trick Daddy Ft. Ice Berg & Murk Camp - Why They Jock

    hell yeah i like this I think it will bang this is what the game needs right now a good change the old cats need to show these new cats whats up
  14. Pastor Troy - Lets Go

    I like this I like this its hard this track is for all the gangsta out there but I don't know how much radio play it will get if you can hit me off with the clean edit