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  1. Been A Minute since I've been in the group however I'm BaaaaccckkkkkkK!  Got some new shizzle from the camp coming real soon. Away however not forgotten believe dat!

  2. Calling All DJ's

    Radio Host/Personality plus some DJs in our organization. InsanAsylum@yahoo.com
  3. Dj's Leave Your Email For Exclusive Drops & Music!!

    "InsanAsylum Productions" , "Mr. Get Down", "GMAN" and lastly "Whatca Talkin' Bout VOL II" - InsanAsylum@yahoo.com - Mixtape being released soon soo... (Thanks in advance)
  4. G.W.O.P. INC Ft. Turbo 3D-Na'Tee & Ace B. - Duffle Bag (G-Mix)

    Polished presentation so it definitely sets it apart from the rest in this genre in my opinion. I like the various vocal styles, conflicting yet complementary. Yep...'round-n-'round...
  5. Zo Illy Ft. Fayro Gold - No F's Given

    Cool track...
  6. RudeBoy Streetz - Hater Talk Dat

    I like the flow especially on a track such as this...good job. Yep...want to hear more from 'em...
  7. Natasha Mosley - Anything

    Yep...definitely like...
  8. Definitely a strip club banger...
  9. Ke'Shay Love - Breathless

    This is what I'm talking about...two stepping and bottle tipping...
  10. Bama Mr 16 Bars Ft. Flo Boy - Beat Her Down (Produced by Dun Deal)

    Definitely a "THUMPASAURUS" beat...
  11. Muhnee Onda Track Ft. Muldoon Manny - The Night Life

    Now this is something I can dig...flow honest and true...different approach to "Dem Femmes"...like it...commerical crossover appeal...
  12. SMG Ft. Snootie Wild - Kitchen

    Str8 Trap Muzick...good commericality to it...should do well...I just got out the kitchen moments ago! LOL!
  13. Ferrari Ferrell Ft. Rocko & Chef - Yesterday

    Definitely has commercial appeal...
  14. Major Money - I'm Paid

    Hmmm....gotta think on this one...
  15. Pharoah Belafonte (Kia Shine) - King Tut

    The track is solid...