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  1. Tripp Marxx feat. Young Quis - Come Over - CLUB BANGER

    Make sure you stop by and check this single out. Play this in the club to keep the party going or get people on the dance floor. Trust me on this one - it bangs!

    That's why you gotta stick with people who you can trust. I won't mess with people if I haven't heard of them or if they have zero credibility, and I don't care who or what their connect is. No matter what level you're on in this industry, there will always be snakes lurking around. Get your mind right and your knowledge of the industry up and you'll be 10 steps ahead of everyone else!
  3. ATTENTION DJ'S: Check out the latest club BANGER from Tripp Marxx feat. Young Quis titled "Come Over". zSHARE - Tripp Marxx - Come Over _Mastered Version - Final_.mp3 Download the track at the link above. Let me know if you plan on spinning it. This one is sure to keep the party rocking and keep people where they need to be - on the dance floor!
  4. What's up everyone? I know, I know - I'm probably the 1,000th guy who has posted up something about designing mixtapes, but I just started offering my services to the public and wanted to get myself out there. I offer very quick turn around times, without compromising quality. If I get your ideas, pictures, etc., I can have your cover done and delivered the following day. Any formats you need, I can supply you with (for printing and web purposes). You can view the mixtape covers here: Designed By Tripp | Mixtape Graphics, Flyer Design and More I also do flyers - Just don't have any up on my website to view currently. Look forward to working with all of you here. Let's make it happen!
  5. What's up? I wanted to share with you all a track/video I recently did in dedication to our troops both at home and overseas. This track/video is starting to pick up a lot of buzz. Check it out and leave feedback! Thanks in advance for taking the time to listen. -Tripp
  6. What's good everyone? I've recently launched my new website, All Hip Hop Reviews - Everything Hip Hop and More. My primarily focus and goal is to help new artists get noticed. I offer a ton of different options on this website, but the option I wanted to introduce to all of you artists out there is the review service. A lot of artists blindly send in their album, mixtape or single to various media outlets seeking reviews, but end up coming up with only a handful of places who are willing to review their project. I'm looking to bridge that gap and get artists maximum exposure for next to nothing! Since this website is fairly new, I need to add some reviews. Please check out this post to learn more about getting your material reviewed on this site! If you're an artist, get with me. I'm looking to make this an authority site, so jump in now and watch this site grow. Shoot me a PM or hit me up on my site if you have any questions. Other than that, send me your material to get reviewed now!
  7. *EXCLUSIVE* - Tripp Marxx - Limit Is The Sky

    Any more feedback on this record?

    What up though? Just wanted to drop a quick message for all of you DJ's on this forum who are always looking for drops for your next project. I'm currently doing drops for free for any DJ's out there. Just trying to get to know some new DJ's and build with them to hopefully work with them in the future. So, why not start with some free drops? All you need to do is hit me up and request one. Send your scripts to trippmarxx@mchsi.com. Only thing I'll do in each drop is mention my name and my website, and that's it. No matter what way you look at it, you getting drops for free. If you want more information about me as an artist, you can learn more at The Official Home of Tripp Marxx -. Let's make things happen! Get at me for your drops NOW!
  9. *EXCLUSIVE* - Tripp Marxx - Limit Is The Sky

    Thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated!
  10. Give a new artist a chance.... Tripp Marxx "Limit Is The Sky" DOWNLOAD -> Tripp Marxx - Limit Is The Sky.mp3 - 9.16MB <- DOWNLOAD Just like it says above, give a new artist a chance. It's been a long haul and a grind so far for 2010. This track is being released on college radio in IA, MN, IN, MI, MO, NY, CA, NC, MA, ME, NJ, TN, TX and AZ. Help support this record! If you are interested in clean version, acapella and instrumental, please PM me here or e-mail info@trippmarxx.com. To read more about Tripp Marxx, visit The Official Home of Tripp Marxx -. Let me know what you all think! I'll return the favor and help support YOUR tracks.
  11. Tripp Marxx | Doin My Thing

    Download the latest single from midwest hip-hop/rap artist, Tripp Marxx titled "Doin My Thing". This one is really starting to catch a buzz! Check it out below: http://www.zshare.net/audio/590821700bc6b02e/ Peace, Tripp