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  1. "Life Never Before" (produced by Von Pea) First Leak http://www.djlowkey.com/Jermiside-Like_Never_Before_produced_by_Von_Pea.mp3 "Push It" (produced by Mike Jay) Second Leak http://www.djlowkey.com/Jermiside-Push_It_produced_by_Mike_Jaye.mp3 Jermiside was recently featured on two songs on Tanya Morgan's critically acclaimed album, Brooklynati, and is set to appear on CunninLynguist's upcoming Stange Journey Vol. 2, while DJ Low Key is best known for mixtape collaborations with top up and coming MCs like TiRon, Median & Che Grand (Ketchup, Relief In The Making & The Fixtape) and his Mixing In Action series. Find out more about them and check out their other projects at Jermiside.Bandcamp.com, TheRedGiants.Bandcamp.com, DJLowKey.com, twitter.com/jermiside & twitter.com/djlowkey.