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    Post with no links??
  2. Classic Riddim - Boom Bye Bye

    thanks for this any old school dancehall me <3
  3. Mullage Ft. T.I. - Trick'N

    Thanks for the track. We got a dirty version out there yet tho?
  4. Ok here is another great example, it was a friend of mines birthday yesterday so we went out to a local bar/club down here. It was completely packed so I immediately was like damn, paid the $10 cover walked in with my girl and my friends. 5 minutes later I was pissed, irritated, and insulted. The DJ playing music firstly had speakers that generated 90% bass, 5% mids, and 5% treble, and did not mix one song, he would play a song for roughly 30 to 50 seconds (if the song was that lucky) than he would yell and scream on the microphone and flip to another song. I was so mad, I felt like pulling the plug getting up on stage and telling everyone they should go somewhere else and collect there $10 on the way out.
  5. Hey guys new to this forum, but I have been DJing for quite a while, and am seriously getting fed up let me make a little list. 1st. - Wanna be DJs who do not own equipment or use one of those mixers you can buy at FYE or Sam Goody. Numark makes a version of it CDMIX etc. and work at a club or bar soley because they low ball everyone else and charge like $40 or $50 a night. 2nd. - Customers/Crowds who settle for wack dj's at clubs/bars. I mean what the hell? I have walked into several clubs and bars saw that it was packed said hey this looks good, than 2 minutes later the next song comes on and you hear maybe a pause, or horrible beatmatch, or the one that makes me laugh the most when the dj or his partner talk over the song transition to mask out the bad mix. ON EVERY SONG =( This is horrible, and it's killing a real DJs chance of making the money he/she deserves. Sorry for the rant and for this being my first post but this has been sitting at the pit of my stomach for a long time.