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    I been doing music for 20 years making hits for 9 years
    * 2004-2006 Promoter For Ran Rover Albums Ride Wit Ya Boy & Between 2 Fires not yet release..
    * 2006 Promoter For DaMinko Mixtape From Bottom Grounds Records
    * 2007 Assistant A&R/Promoter/Manager For The Next Hit Movie Sound Track TD Entertainment
    * 2007 Promoter For Bounty aka LA KEITH Now or Never Mixtape
    * 2007 Promoting For DaMinko Album Record Album from 2007-2009
    * 2010- present A&R/Manager/Promoter For L.A.Keith That's My Song Debut Single Album Coming Soon
    * 2010-Present Recording 23A&R's Mixtape Coming Soon
    *2011-2012 L.A.KEITH "The Man Not The City" Hosted By Dj Affect Beats n Mixing by @Av_Producer305 @Producer_Crazy
    *2012-2013 Talent Coordinator/A&R/Manager/MusicPromoter For Miami Music T.V.
    *2012-Present A&R/Manager/Promoter Gold Cigar Artist @TROHIPHOP 2nd Mixtape Monsta Under The Bed
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  1. Gold Cigar Gang Present T -Ro Terrence Devon Rollins born September 17th is breaking into the rap industry with his debut mix tape titled “Draft Day.” The Miami native was born and raised in Carol City. Equipped with impeccable athletic talent from a young age T-Ro dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. T-Ro was a stellar athlete, he played football throughout high school and college. T-Ro gave everything he had to make his dream come true, but fate had another plan for T-Ro. What started out as funny freestyles with friends transformed into a newly found talent. T-Ro embraced his new found passion for music and perfected his craft with the same dedication and determination he used in sports. His music combines swift beats with articulate lyrics that tell a story and paint a vivid picture for listeners. Within one year T-Ro has released several videos and collaborated with many artists. His fan based is rapidly growing and the streets are embracing his music with over 20,000 youtube channel views “Trolivetv.” T-Ro is making his entrance into the rap game. This is just the beginning! Gold Cigar Gang http://www.datpiff.com/T-Ro-Draft-Day-mixtape.351264.html https://www.youtube.com/user/trolivetv?feature=watch You tube link https://twitter.com/TroHipHop http://24hourhiphop.com/hip-hop-videos/t-ro-100-da-beat-monsta-at-the-studio-working-on-monsters-under-my-bed-mixtape/ https://www.facebook.com/tro.rap?fref=ts The Making Of Monsters Under My Bed T-Ro Monster Under The Bed "Intro" T-Ro Same Mistake "Explicit" T-Ro Never "Tell A Soul" T-Ro "I Am Legend" Contact info 561-376-3437
  2. Throw back dade county music Rick Ross Ft. Trick Daddy - Something Going On http://t.co/F9DezsP9Qd via #MiamiMusic

  3. L.A. Keith Ft. Desloc Piccalo - I Ain't Goin No Where

    This is an hood banger! Cosign
  4. LA KEITH BIO: Songwriter and rapper LA Keith was born LaKeith McCullar in Miami, Fl. on April 15. Being the youngest of two, he was inspired to pursue his love of music by eldest brother Rashad McCullar. As a child LA Keith originally named “Bounty” by brother Rashad, would freestyle with his childhood friend Chadman Greaves in the school cafeteria at the age of eleven. After perfecting vocals and lyrics the name “Bounty” was dropped and changed in 2008 to “LA Keith”. With such a unique sound and style he has set himself apart from any other artist that has originated out of Miami. Although he has a great love for his music his even greater love is his family and close friends. One of the most inspiring moments in his life as an artist was to have had the opportunity to perform with close childhood friend Ranzer “Ran Rover” Wallace before his abrupt passing on December 5, 2005. Although this was a devastating loss LA Keith pushed through the pain and worked on his music with even greater determination and drive, in memory of ‘Ran Rover”. Determination at his music paid off when in August of 2008 LA Keith was featured in the movie “The Next Hit” with some of the industries heavy hitters such as Flo Rida, Noreaga, Fredro Starr and Rick Ross just to name a few. He has also been fortunate to work with the likes of Drum Majors, Gorilla Tek, Trak 53 and OZ-N-DA Deacon. L.A.Keith 2011 Up Coming Album Preview L.A. Keith Feat Desloc Piccalo Performing @ Ludacris Concert King Of Rap L.A. Keith FeatDesloc Piccalo Performing @ Ludacris Concert King Of Rap L.A. Keith LA KEITH THAT'SMY SONG DEBUT SINGLE MONEY IN THE SOUTH MONEYIN THE SOUTH FEAT LA KEITH Get Your Copy L.A.Keith \'\'Thats My Song\'\'.mp3 - L.A.Keith, \'\'Thats, My, Song\' That's My Song Debut Single Get Your Copy L.A.KEITH I Ain\'t Going No Where Feat Desloc 305.mp3 - DESLOC, PICCALO,FloridaMusic,305,LAKEITH http://www.mediafire.com/i/?tepsqv3f3yn2lwv I Ain't Going No Where Hood Banger #Classic Cosign BigG305 Links WWW.LAKEITHMUSIC.COM L.A.Keith (ThatsMySong305) on Twitter Djs Send Drops Script To Thatsmysong305@gmail.com For Booking Info Please Contact Bigg305mp3@gmail.com
  5. LA KEITH feat Piccalo Desloc I Ain't Goin No Where Free Download I_Ain't_Goin'_Nowhere.mp3 WWW.LAKEITHMUSIC.COM Twitter.com @Thatmysong305 [MP3][MP3] Myspace.com/LAKEITH305
  6. WWW.LAKEITHMUSIC.COM LA KEITH That's My Song L.A.Keith ''Thats My Song''.mp3 - L.A.Keith, ''Thats, My, Song' LA KEITH That's My Song Video On You Tube Check It Out Miami Club Banger
  7. 'Thats My Song' FREE Download

    L.A.Keith ''Thats My Song' FREE Download L.A.Keith ''Thats My Song''.mp3 - L.A.Keith, ''Thats, My, Song' Miami New Sound @LaKeith305 L.A. Keith on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  8. www.myspace.com/lakeith305

    L.A.Keith ''Thats My Song' FREE Download L.A.Keith ''Thats My Song''.mp3 - L.A.Keith, ''Thats, My, Song' Miami New Sound @LaKeith305 L.A. Keith on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  9. 8Ball & MJG Ft. Young Dro - Bring It Back

    I like this record it's south thing bout this track! Legend's In the South
  10. DaMinko County of Dade

    DaMinko New single Can't wait Prod By A V for Clockworktracks! This is an anthem for everybody that has been to Miami, If u didn't DaMinko will let u know how we do in Miami. Get Your free download bang this record until u can't get enough! http://www.zshare.net/audio/6657830205187687/
  11. Street Ft. DaMinko - Spend Money

    Hey Greenhitz family i have another Banger this time let's all spend money Miami Artists Street N DaMinko got together and made an Classic Record This Record is Crazy Check out Street feat DaMinko "Spend Money prod unknown http://www.zshare.net/audio/6655505925784f02/
  12. G.B. Music Miami New Artist

    Greenhitz family i have some heat for u with Miami New Artist G.B. with his hit singles Take A Picture,Vacation feature DaMinko Check out hot music from these artist. I have more heat coming your way just stick around get your free download today! For more info email Btmgrounds305@gmail.com http://www.zshare.net/audio/66137113df8da1cb/ G.B. Take A Picture http://www.zshare.net/audio/66137203792b7213/ G.B. Feat DaMinko Vacation
  13. DaMinko - Can't Wait

    OK that's wuz up spin that shit also new version coming soon!
  14. DaMinko - Can't Wait

    Greenhitz Fam Wat dey do i have an New Single for you By Miami own DaMinko wit his smash hit Can't Wait" Get your free copy today! County of Dade Banger http://www.zshare.net/audio/65508857bc8d7a71/ New Single by DaMinko "Can't wait" Prod by Av for clockworktracks.Free Download get your copy today
  15. DaMinko - Can't Wait

    check now new link