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  1. Travis Porter - Make It Rain

    im feelin that sh!t---thanks for the instrumental as well----im givin this 2 thumbs up
  2. send me this dawg!!!!! instrumental would be good also [email protected]
  3. The Rebellion Ft. Trina - Grown & Sexy

    im lovin this beat--if i can get the instrumental --that would be the shiiiiiiiit--- [email protected]
  4. LC Ft. Donell Jones - Don't Trip

    bangin beat---this is nice
  5. i like this--will play this weekend
  6. Milion Ft. Yung L.A. - Outfit

    this shit bangin--we gon' be bumpin this in NAP drops would be cool [email protected]
  7. Marcus Elias - Sick of the Blues

    wasnt feelin that
  8. Taylor Boi Ft. Big Bank Black - I.O.U?

    i like this
  9. Mu Dills Ft. Lil Kim - Rain Check

    its cool