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  1. Katy Perry - Roar

    This one is for the kiddies, gotta luv someone who can stay relevant.
  2. 700-Meana (prod. by Zues & Gauge)

    I have been looking for this track for a while, couldn't find it on your blogspot. If you haven't noticed I'm a fan. Thanks for looking out.
  3. Instruments???

    I have enough kit sounds, I just can't seem to find any instruments. Does anyone know where to pick up some good instrument samples or maybe even a VST plugin with some decent instruments?
  4. Where The Real Music At?!?!?

    I just want to send major props to all the people on the coat tails of new and good music. I appreciate all the artist, dj's, and record labels in pursuit of quality and not just quantity so in honor of the art of the hustle I will say this: MY VENUE IS NOT LARGE BUT I AM WILLING TO WORK WITH ANYONE, I MAKE THIS PROMISE IF YOU SHOOT ME YOUR TRACKS, I WILL PLAY THEM FOR THE CROWD AT MY CLUB, IF YOU HAVE ANY CLEAN VERSIONS OF RECORDS I HAVE A CONNECT AT A RADIO STATION I WILL TRY TO GET YOUR MUSIC PLAYED AT LEAST ONCE. to the fans of real music, I bid you adieu.
  5. What up World!

    New kid on the block, just coming in to say whats really good.