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  1. RT @FlirtyWords: I don't care what I have to go through. You're so worth it.

  2. All my dreamers put your hands in the sky

  3. RT @relatabIe: if i sing around you i am 150% comfortable with you because i cannot sing for shit

  4. Theres this one dream girl in my head and shes everything that you could want in a woman Smart independent hard working n drop dead gorgeous

  5. RT @PiscesAreUs: If your #Pisces feels intimidated or threatened they will quickly leave.

  6. RT @IAmSteveHarvey: God blesses you to become a blessing!

  7. If you wanna know what my life is like check out #blacklist on abc its very similar just not as movie like

  8. RT @hiiighsociety: No scholarship but I ball nigga