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  • Birthday 12/22/1974

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    Decatur Georgia USA
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    Film features,Music features, Voiceovers, Netoworking and when it's all said and done the hope that I helped somebody and contributed in some small way to World peace.....someday...word up [LHD]
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    Indie label
    Affiliation: @Vans Beats @MTV @Viacom

    Owned by Lord Hector Diono, underground music heavy weight and Viacom indie artist music composer songwriter and film make.

    Additional affiliation THEICONSHOP.NET @theiconshop.net

    Origin Washington, D.C.
    Resides in Decatur, Georgia

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    Music Productions, MMA, Film

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  1. We finna close our account with GreenHitz none of our hiits are on this site no call backs received from them we closing it in a few hours Hector is Pissed off

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