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  1. Avanw rive nan lavi sa fow soufri. Siw pè soufrans oupap ka rive kotew vle rive a.

  2. RT @VeryWiseOldMan: A person's actions will tell you everything you need to know. Don't try to paint a different picture.

  3. RT @DounieAJT: Lanmou Bondyeu pou mwn san parey

  4. RT @roodyroodboy: Tchuippssv m paka wè fanm ki gen fôm lèt VIVA

  5. "@Djdpswagg: @Stacy033 @Cutie_Cphie509 li sanble chich bb" genle sa ui boo

  6. RT @instagram: Up, Up and Away at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta http://t.co/Huu2dzDvy0 #balloonfiesta

  7. RT @Cutie_Cphie509: Take your attention away from what you do not want and place your attention on what you wish to experience. - #realtalk

  8. RT @instagram: Follow along on Instagram as the Olympic Torch Relay tours Russia http://t.co/Z6auQI1iYY #Sochi2014

  9. "@djpetermix100: Men nèg ki kreten nan vi aaaa http://t.co/9zXoxtOyrP" c'est ki lui

  10. Siw vle rive nan lavi sa fow pa peur soufrans. #Hope

  11. RT @Jdaphe: Mèsi Bondye m pa jalou

  12. "@KyttheDetayyyy: @stacy033 @cutie_cphie509 @volkanik93 Lollll U Ka Pabyen Ake Nou @cutie_cphie509" sou Twitter a se nouk fanmil ui hahaha

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