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    Mr.Baggs Entertainment Inc. Originally from Philadelphia Pa formed in 1996 by Kenneth “Mr.Baggs” Turman, Kevin “K.L” Lawson and Bruce & Anita Patterson. An Entertainment company which focused on managing the day to day operations of artist development for unsigned artist under the Mr.Baggs Entertainment Brand.

    Mr.Baggs Entertainment signed many artists just to name a few. 1996 Female r&b group DeJaVu,1998 Male r&b group XL (Wu tang Clans Ghost face killah’s Starks Enterprise) & (Ruff Ryder’s, Interscope records) also many hip hop artist 2001 Mighty Joe young, Mu, Big Minute, Caution and Crush ( Antra Records)

    Mr.Baggs also owned and operated the foundation recording studio located on 69th street in Upper Darby Pa. After a failed success rate of artist never releasing & Record labels losing distribution and taking $200,000.00 budget loss of invested money the team parted ways and signed over all rights to Kenneth “Mr.Baggs”Turman.

    Mr.Baggs decided to leave Philadelphia and Branch out in other areas in the music industry.2002 Mr.Baggs relocated to Fayetteville North Carolina. There he hosted a city wide talent search with a local radio station hot 104.5 fm. Mr.baggs Entertainment/Sony Records received an over whelming response in North Carolina. He discovered local hip hop artist Big Cas & the Wrecking Crew. Recorded many songs and staying on the road with Big Cas and the Crew.

    2003 Mr.Baggs received noticed from a longtime friend in Baltimore Maryland, James Benjamin and was hired as a GM. Running two night clubs simultaneously, Club Tunnel in Baltimore & Club Diesel in Ocean City Maryland. Mr.Baggs covered events an brought many artist too perform at both venues. He lead a street team which worked for the clubs and traveled cross country from Baltimore to Los Angeles in three days to promote an event at the 2004 NBA all-star weekend.

    2005 Mr.Baggs was hired as the senior vice president of Lawdmouf Records with Big Cas as their flag ship artist. Duties was traveling to New York, Atlanta, Maryland recording songs with Pastor Troy, Remy Ma, and Jazzy Pha later he discovered local rapper young cakes & signed local rapper Rolling weight to the Lawdmouf Label. Recording more songs with David Banner,Yin & Yang twins, Mr. Cheeks, Diamond of crime mob, Rasheeda, Gucci Mane, and many more.Mr.Baggs has made a name for himself behind the scene in the music industry from recording, promoting, radio, retail event planning and most of all Artist Development.

    2007 Mr.baggs relocated to Florida to work with longtime friend E-Sharp together they handle the marketing, promotions and advertisement for the 2007 Beyoncé total experience tour featuring Robin Thick.

    Currently Mr.baggs has two artists under his management roster. Orlando Hip Hop artist Preach407 and r&b /hip hop /soul group Lissen.

    With many upcoming shows for both artist. Material and press on many sites and mix tapes flooding every market. We can say only one thing for his company.