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    Artist rep'n Gary Chicago area.
  1. Check out "I B onDat" by Playa Sticky - https://t.co/zVmNmSEKM6

  2. Check out "Flyin Kytes(Blow'n)" by Playa Sticky - https://t.co/7Pye4s5vk0

  3. RT @Skywalking101: OMG can't even play around on social media nowadays they take it to serious

  4. RT @Team_DLH: @PlayaSticky got it you will hear back shortly

  5. Please dont let me b mis-understood

  6. Looking for a booking agent or road manager. Time to put some force behind this movement. And that starts with a spokesman/woman. FGangMoney

  7. Daily grind just got put to overdrive! Friday, u know what time it is.

  8. RT @TheIndie: @PlayaSticky Awesome! We appreciate it, and can't wait to hear your music on The Indie. Thanks! http://t.co/X7Fc8Hmv4g

  9. Follow me back......@PlayaSticky

  10. RT @YoshuaDraper: Photo: The grass is green where it is watered. Don’t expect something for nothing… #ever #instagood... http://t.co/elM2dH…

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