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    Born 1981 in Southside Clarendon, Jamaica W.I in a community called Cosmo Gardens...Keveron "Izan" Griffths has now became popular through his hard hitting lyrics...But his journey was quite an interesting one...He started out in the music at about age 15-16 as a Rapper performing under the name (K.G) in most parts his country and had gained a lot of experience. He later start making some connections with people like Flexxx from the Fagan fraternity,Derrick Morgan, Richie loop and many others....His biggest achievement so far was performing at fully loaded 2008 with Iceberg, who's a young member of the Alliance.He later come to receive an award for best Rapper at the Clarendon Music Award and also perform at the event to show why he was granted that award....Couple years pass and he decided to make a transition from Rap to Reggae an also Dancehall, this move turned out to be a great one. why? because of his Rastafarian fate...this move would open a lot of doors for him that has been set by legends such as Bob Marley,Peter Tosh and many others...He later started working with labels such as Ash tracks , Wavestorm Entertainment an Dakrome Productions,where it pushes his career to the next level...he then later release a video form the single"We be husslin" produced by Dakrome and with help and support from his wife he started getting tremendous feedbacks from people in Kenya and others parts of the world through his facebook page on other sites as well....although he's not currently signed to any major labels,Izan is surely destined for greatness...u can contact Izan for bookings an other info at 1-876-529-5022
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    Music and Travel
  1. We be Husslin - Izan - Reggae Music Video by @@izanmusic - #BEAT100 http://t.co/H4LKTxM5vq

  2. We be Husslin - Izan - Reggae Music Video by @@izanmusic - #BEAT100 http://t.co/cX74SzmEOf

  3. Posted a new song: "RASTAMAN A CHANT-IZAN" http://t.co/fHgV97pjOu #music