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    Producing Hits Records and Im a sketch Artist.
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    While attending Full Sail University, Ken Will continues to work on his specified talents as a producer, engineer, and musician. Growing up listening to a diverse mix of music, such as, hip-hop, reggae, Latin, and pop influenced the combinations of instruments and melodies he produces. As a child, if Ken Will wasn’t glued to the television watching Soul Train you would most likely catch him beating on buckets like they were drums. At the age of nine his mom bought him an actual drum set and keyboard, this is when all the magic began.

    Being a Florida – bred artist, he specializes in various genres of music while adding his own touch. Ken Will recently signed to Slip-N-Slide Records/Rude Bwoy Entertainment as a Slip and Slide Area Codes (S.A.C) college representative/promoter and Webmaster for music artist, Qwote. He has been on the road touring and performing in different cities and has been to many places, where as a child he could only dream of. He is currently working on several tracks with a wide variety of artists stretching his name and resume from the east coast to the dirty south.
    Ken Will grew up in New Jersey and attended Burlington City High School, where he majored in music production, played the keyboard, trumpet, drums, and violin. He took advantage of his time and spent it well gigging around New Jersey and playing the drums regularly with drill teams in his high school.

    In 2007, Ken Will got a phone call from the Queen of Urban Erotic Tales – Noire – to produce six songs for the book sound track “Thong on Fire.” In 2008, Ken Will moved down to South Florida, and gained attention from his mixes and beats. President of M5 Media Group and former VP of Tav Dash Records – Mark Roofe – recognized his unique and creative talent taking him under his wing by signing him to his label. By 2010 Ken Will decided that it was time to branch off and begin a new journey within the music industry.

    Ken Will strongly believes that music should take you on a journey. He is excited about where his musical talents continues to take him and looks eagerly into how far his career will go. Along with all previous achievements Ken Will was also featured in Street Radio & Mr. Dreamz Magazine. For more information visit: http://streetradiomag.com/hiphop/ken-wills-producer-imma-video/.

    You can also follow Ken Will on Twitter @kenwillmusic

    For bookings please contact:
    St. Nick Entertainment


    According To The Publisher, Simon And Schuster, The "Thong On Fire" Song Was Written And Performed By Reem Raw And Produced By Ken Will.

    Ken Will also Produced a hit single for the legendary Cl Smooth, song called "Right Next To You"
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