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  1. In the making #ReincarnatedEP #YPCFE #ADDYCTED #PharaohWorld #IDoItForWilkz #MGxGFX https://t.co/OQePPtB3ef

  2. It's all business they took my Kuzzo @WILKZ__ now it's #GameTime on everyone ?? https://t.co/iJfJfXIe49

  3. This studio bout to have me gone off the Loud haha

  4. Ight I'm bout to get dressed an head to the studio then at 2pm go chill with my boy Jay hmu if you trynna chill us

  5. I like how she feel like she can get buck with me like tf idc if you like me or not like tighten #ForIputYouInCheck

  6. She need to come get this lil girl mane her lil badass acting up

  7. When people claim they vamp. me an @Tofresh_foryou some Vampaz bruh

  8. New Hit Single

    Go Check it Out ASAP https://soundcloud.com/reekindee/relax-ft-lil-trauma-prod