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  1. ? https://t.co/Owk5UoKBVL

  2. #CrownGang https://t.co/E6ps1sXF4e

  3. Hearing Beyoncé kill "I'd Rather Be Blind" gives me chills b.

  4. You're beautiful, & your mind is fuckin beautiful.

  5. If you a fan of NYJ, what's up with #7?

  6. TV might not be in best condition but fuck it. I'm bout to get in some 2k to pass time.

  7. Everything is coming along well, just need a few more things to budge. Hopefully this week that happens

  8. Niggahs never loved us, do it look like we stressing?

  9. Notorious bumpin, fish frying, L burning. Fuck it,

  10. 31 days till basketball starts.

  11. "Rells World" all original mixtape will be available on 11.12.13 Crown Gang Music, Luxury Tag Music, Trademark Media Everything Looks Official Productions LLC
  12. Mike WiLL Made-It Ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - 23

    Dope idea, catchy hook but I ain't crazy bout this. Wiz killed it tho.
  13. Young Slee Ft. Remona - We Outchea

    Nice bars.