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  1. RT @FitAndFierce10: PUSH YOURSELF.If you want something, you gotta WORKBELIEVEAND YOU WILL ACHIEVE.If you keep going, YOU WILL GET THE…

  2. When I walk in the room haters straighten their backs and I'm looking fit smiling right teeth so bright! :)

  3. RT @shaefrazier: have a good day y'all

  4. 2000...2000...291?

  5. RT @iamnecole: I am happy. I wish to stay that way

  6. RT @Cadillac: The future is here and it's effortless. Learn more about the innovative #Cadillac #CUE infotainment system. http://t.co/rivjp…

  7. If you're not successful in anything by your 40s what do you think your chances are by your 50s? Never stop working your ass off!

  8. RT @Valuescom: Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go. #encouragement #passiton

  9. RT @FitnessIife: Do everything without bitching.

  10. RT @_LiftingProbz_: Appreciate what you have. Work your ass off for what you want.

  11. RT @AdrianCamacho: Los Angeles, I'm here. Bring it.

  12. It's a good time for you to tackle a topic you don't know much about.

  13. RT @TIME: Our new cover: Why Texas is America's future | http://t.co/ePBq5VywgL http://t.co/JwO4AvJKri

  14. When I take the time to listen to someone, help someone, and be honest to someone I realize I needed that someone more than they needed me!

  15. Don't let negative people or negative surroundings change your positive character.

  16. Stress should't be treated like its a flesh wound more like its critical condition without intensive care stress will kill you. Live happy!

  17. RT @JeanetteJenkins: Visualize yourself achieving your goals right down to the finest details. Own it, claim it, put it in the universe & m…

  18. A big fight today turns out to be little more than a clash of the titanic egos.

  19. RT @PiggySaves: “...Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds, Fill it with sunshine, kind words, and kind deeds.” - Longfellow @Posi

  20. It's not true what they say! Stop googling me baby!

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