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    HΛКłM is a record producer and A&R based in New York City.

    His work in music continues to help change the face and sound of modern Urban and R&B music. His presence is most felt in music production and artist development for music industry starlets.

    He likes to work with creative singer/songwriters who have strong management and interested record label executives who are looking to develop their sound.

    If you are a recording artist or record label executive and would like HΛКłM to work on modern songwriting and music production for your project contact Rasheme Watson.

    Rasheme “Sheme” Watson
    (267) 760-4737
  1. I've made so many mistakes; but it seems to me that I'm making much less these days.

  2. @voera is the truth! @soulparticle_. @ Harlem Nights https://t.co/l74esQMzEB

  3. damn i usually have some solo pics of pretty girls I know visible in my #photos and #videos page... im off my game!!!

  4. @HakimCallier It will be very difficult for an artist to follow this record. Very loud - the used compression/limiting to get a very upfront and dimensionless loud master. Catchy - song is super catchy and simple. Slow - even if the tempo is double time its a slow riding song.
  5. In 2014 I'm gonna be giving yall a lot of music. Good #music. Good #art. I'm pouring my #heart out and sending #love.

  6. @HakimCallier Is Wayne making a comeback? This song is dope.
  7. RT @TiporTiff: pass the controller RT @leetreble_: RT @nachosarah: I'm so sick of being white it's like playing a video game on easy

  8. @hakimcallier Amazing music by Bruno Mars.
  9. @HakimCallier I really want to like this... but its best played loud in a turnt up environment.
  10. @HakimCallierBeyonce's "Drunk In Love Ft. Jay-Z" is dope!
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