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    im singer songwriter from boise idaho... i been a musician all my life ... i started out a singer harmonica player aux percussionist ... gigged alot ... played bars, churches, home groups, celebrate recovery meetings, festivals...etc etc...
    in 2004 i got a guitar and started to playing and song writing but spirit/heart & ear ...i lean towards rhythm guitar... learning now how to do looping house mixes and keys and lead guitar ... bass and drum kit and soprano sax are all next on my learning instruments list
    i have written over 180 song in a 3 yr period ... made 215 vids posted at youtube.. more to come... i do photography digi art and vid and audio editing ... learn all that on my own too with the help and guidance of Jesus...yes i belong to Jesus ...
    peace and love to you
    mr ddt
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    life is my hobby