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  1. LiL PaT AkA P.Willz - Hannah Montana (Produced by Yungshun)

    ima play with this acapella email me your contact info @ ijimiv@gmail.com
  2. Supa Blanco - "I Bet I Do"

    i been tryin to find some of his music for a min now
  3. Supa Blanco - "I Bet I Do"

    I remember him from Sqad Up w Nutt, Gudda, and Yo. IDK what happen but 1 min they beefin w wayne and fuckin wit Flip... then Nutt on Mrs Officer and Gudda on Young Money... havent seen him til now and havent seen Yo at all
  4. YG - Toot It & Boot It

    im feelin this. im gonna get it and listen to the whole track later. but sounds good
  5. Supa Blanco - "I Bet I Do"

    Blanco!! Where this dude been?
  6. Radio Stations POST your email

    Keelow @ Southern Hip Hop Radio AboveAveragePromos@gmail.com
  7. Page Ft. Drake - I'm Still Fly

    ha... ima check this... drake everywhere wit his ACL
  8. B.T.P. Click - I'ma Getta

    yea ima get this. 2 much be killin them beats
  9. Young Money Ft. Gucci Mane - We Steady Mobbin (Produced by Kane Beatz)

    this track is supa fire
  10. post your twitter...

  11. Drake is that dude... Uptown on So Far Gone is crazy too...
  12. Nation - Get What's Mine (Produced by K.E.)

    track is def hot. now in rotation!
  13. Gucci Mane Ft. Tha Joker - Aqua Water

    damn joker did it again... that shit is nice... lol thats why he dont see haters like he blinking!! lmfao