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  1. RT @shamelessplug: dear @funnyordie ,'cosmos' hosted by mike tyson instead of neil degrasse tyson.make it so.

  2. Real Talk: @vahekosh I almost scrapped the album to start all over again which would have been the 16th version until @Otomatik came along.

  3. I can dig it, @KnowLifeMusic @killahtrakz just let me know when you guys are ready and we'll take it from there.

  4. RT @killahtrakz: @vahekosh I'm digging the interviews for the real hiphop album by @PeteMarriott. It's dope to see folks insight on the que…

  5. I just came on @twitter to say that Wes Anderson is the greatest filmmaker of all time and I hope someday to score one of his films.

  6. RT @killahtrakz: I really dislike this daylight savings. PS. Its a lot of folks following me and still haven't seen the video or heard @Pet

  7. Peace @conshus, you can download the entire #REALHIPHOP album for free at: http://t.co/MPx6xG0ohw Just enter 0 in the Name Your Price form.

  8. I'm really excited about using @ikmultimedia's new Master EQ 432 http://t.co/tKXDEPdaza on a new set of records I'm producing.

  9. RT @Dawhud: Australia interviewing @PeteMarriott & dropping a dope mix of crazy joints. #RealHipHop http://t.co/rB50nFyZDe https://t.co/O…

  10. Just heard that New @linkinpark | @rakimgodmc joint that @ambrosia4heads posted... We need a music video for this pronto!

  11. Peace @NickPapadopoul6, Im really glad you enjoy the album. Can't wait for Monday's release! :-)