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    Hip-hop/Rap artist originally from Mississippi now in Memphis, TN. CEO of Authentic Muzik (Google Me)
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  1. Settling into the comforts of family activities brings you gre... More for Virgo https://t.co/Tt6JJsOY3S

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  3. Copped sum new tracks today! Never too much muzik! THE HIGHLIFE (SESSION.1) ON THE WAY OCT.4 #AuthenticMuzik #RollUpGang #NeedyB

  4. For the record Needy.B is CEO of Authentic Muzik, Playamade Productionz, & Roll Up Gang!! now back to our regular... http://t.co/FVL9Q1kThQ

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  6. fresh off work fina shower, roll up, and record #AuthenticMuzik #TheHighlife

  7. who up n ready to get smashed on 2k13 (360)

  8. Have you heard ‘Authentic Muzik-Impress Me - Lil Dre ft. Needy.B’ by @needyb on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/doMOSDmyhn

  9. why everything gotta be competition now?? mfs always tryna out do the next person!! While u Worrying bout somebody else shit you done forgot the task at hand! and thats minding yo own dam business and do u!