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  1. Joey Da Prince - Bad Like Rihanna

    cop It n Imma try it out.
  2. Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha - Timber (Remix Pack)

    Good Mixs.
  3. Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha - Timber (Remix Pack)

    Always could use different Mix. Good
  4. Roam Bad Daddy - Azz Control

    Imma Check it out, N See if they feelling it
  5. New Hot Shit For the club Got to Drop It
  6. Megan & Liz - Release You

    White girl Sh!t. Gotta drop tht
  7. Michael Buble - It's A Beautiful Day

    Real cool. will try it out
  8. Taylor J. Ft. James London - She Luv Me

    Like This One. Will Definitely PLay it
  9. D. Wyte - Body Talk

    Its Nice. I will Try it out.