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  1. 7 tweeps followed (thank you!) and 11 unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past day. Thank you https://t.co/buEeIqK5kg.

  2. Followers - 4, Unfollowers - 7. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your daily stats via https://t.co/buEeIqK5kg.

  3. Youtube update is cool tho

  4. Reading my stats. Be back in a minute. 50 followers and 48 unfollowers in the last one day. Courtesy: http://t.co/26PSgUBYC3

  5. For the people who are Single --> This is as true as it gets http://t.co/TNohlpdYG2

  6. i hope this management come through

  7. Where are all the Artist Managers at ?