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  1. Money makes green, take it how you want but those who have money know what I mean. - #F7BEATS

  2. RT @HipHopBangers: Omarion – Know You Better f. Pusha T & Fabolous http://t.co/H4ZKA027W1 Via @2DOPEposts

  3. RT @KekePalmer: Where is the love? We have to love each other. It's hard sometimes for sure but, you have to TRY.

  4. New things coming soon...till then...http://t.co/xCoYkQ0VfB

  5. "Salute Kanye, that's my city, JordanSome niggas say they D-Rose, but who really scorin'?Who signin' endorsements, Satan or them corporates?Ball so hard they tore shitShit I ball so hard I make 'em wanna forfeit" - #RockieFresh - #PaneraBread #MMG

  6. #wow Black Man Pulls Gun on White Guy, Demands He Apologize For “All the Things White People Did to Black People” http://t.co/W51mU23aRJ

  7. Most will do for a name, ah kill for some fame. Young and change they body not to be plain Jane. Ambition not to be a deadbeat bum and have money to retire young, Ironic like Lee Thompson Young dying young. No extra moment for a call from a love one. Would that ring have stopped shorty before he glocked that 40? Help a Nigga reach 2 time 40 like Berry Gordy February's they make you worry, you wish life would scurry, too many blues for any more bad news it's like life won't hurry and this pain...

  8. "You know I'm gon' shine like a trillion watts" - JZ