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  1. ?? wtf https://t.co/b9KO5FvZgh

  2. RT @katarabanks: Once u develop that "im that nigga" attitude You become “that nigga”

  3. Wish I had a blunt or some... Get some good sleep

  4. “@_DEEsirable_: A pic of a dildo RT @iluvlingerie What's the worst message you've sent to the wrong person?”lmao wtf

  5. “@FrobeBryant: 808s and Heartbreaks > Take Care”word

  6. Ala vs Miss looking like its gon b a defensive game

  7. When you suck it, you gon look me in my eyes?

  8. RT @ProofTV1: @djKLUTCH_ CHECK THIS OUT: PROOFtv links up W/ Starrcutz http://t.co/pxo12ERFzm

  9. All yal niggas look recycled.

  10. My baby mama so crazy dawg

  11. Future - Honest

    Dope song...is this gonna be his single from his next upcoming album?