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    Representing for the ‘Eazee Lo Lo’, or East London, is a dynamic, multi-talented MC with the skills to drop a phat punch-line, cook up a dope beat for it and run the label that distributes it. Heck, he’ll even make you a pair of geeky headphones on which to fall in love with the track. This is all in a day’s work for South African rapper/producer/label exec/entrepreneur/innovator Craigenstein. Yes, you read right. It’s East London IN South Africa, not the UK. We’re talking about a pretty, sub-tropical city on the south-eastern shores of ZA. This is where ‘Stein’, began his love affair with music as a 6 year-old kid trying to get his chords right on a piano. It didn’t take long for the kid to find his feet; a few short years later he was putting his classical music training to use in church bands....http://wedoitfortheloveofmusic.com/2013/07/craigenstein/
  • Interests
    Music, Technology
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