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  1. RT @DmanTheDesigner: Man wtfff ? https://t.co/XNdPQWiRrU

  2. Lets get this money together

  3. Venting by Brookins Double-F go check out my new single off the #Skittles&Arizona2 mixtape http://t.co/mKx8UyofQT on #SoundCloud

  4. What about tanna way gkeys LPG QCole do you think the... — oh yeah I forgot about Q.Cole my bad bro got flame an... http://t.co/f79wY1p6aM

  5. Are you single or taken? — I'm taken right now http://t.co/esz1rcMxSR

  6. little boy dropping knowledge OMG this boy can preach real good so hope you like it http://t.co/YO4zhBBLrq

  7. name all the pretty girls you like or know — Dominique, Brianna, Desintie those my pretty girls http://t.co/QKCXWJ6ilQ