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  1. @ColoradoMyrical New video coming soon ! #158am https://t.co/jGQaiTNMfz

  2. Thanks for joining the family @_artchristiq #WeTheNewSound #AbsoluteMG via https://t.co/Pz85CgnYI1

  3. Woke up motivated, the line up for the #SUIH release party @Chances 2/11/14 is looking real nice,Demario Lbad GentryNyke NittiAnthony PorchDyzz DegreezRashon ButlerYoung TennerKed LeeJus to name a few, I'm excited because I really fuck with these artists music so to have em all on one stage for the party is #EPICPlus it's gonna be hosted by: Amber Mygatt it don't get no better than thatOfficial flyer and opening act list coming soon#AbsoluteMG #GIG

  4. February looking like a dope month to buy some new Colorado musicFeb. 11th "Smoke Until It Hurt" - Colorado Myrical x Sed MylesFeb. 13th "Aurora" - Rashon ButlerAnthony Porch dropping his new projectAnd if I missed anybody, tag name and release date in commentsYou don't gotta buy them all but #support atleast 1#BuyColorado

  5. There's been lot of talk on my timeline for the past few days about who the best in my state is with the music.... And I have one question, what defines one as the best? Is it how many songs they have, or how many views they getting? Is it the work ethic or the moves they make? Is it how much money they make off the music?What classifies an artist as the best

  6. Kendrick killing it right now

  7. Anybody know of some good sites to find reliable sources for homes for rent?

  8. Got a SUPER slapp coming with myself, Nyke Nitti & Wriky CertifiedPlayaz #EverthingOnGO

  9. My nigga Kevon Johnson gotta be one of my biggest motivators real shit! S/O one time

  10. I'm jus Building my legacywww.amglyfe.com

  11. Praise YAH for another day of motivation. Focused on my future, no longer living in my pastGM Motivators#SUIH 2/11/13

  12. Killing the booth right now lol me and Rashon Butler got another one!

  13. I'm in the lab right now producers send me some music! I know I'm not the only one up and working

  14. Look like imma hit the booth tonight, got a lot on my mind