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  1. T.I. Ft. Marsha Ambrosius - Dope @Tip @MarshaAmbrosius

    This shit iz FYA...
  2. thats smokin...have the original....gon have to make some decisions now
  3. Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

    hottt JJ iz like fine wine baabbbyyyeeee
  4. Pimp C Ft. Lil Wayne - 3 Way Freak

    Hotttt.song wish Pimp..was still here need real G's
  5. Dj Bubba Yae's Urban Flava Fall 09

  6. Why do DJ's Underbid the Business because your are hungry?

    Here's one for all the beginners, I never will hate on you, but let's be real if a Veteran Jock Is truly tring to help you, don't try and screw him in the end, cause what goes around comes around....and may not be him, but it could be a club owner or promoter, or just a client who hired you for a function may stiff you........This game is tuff I know but [Like Tony Montana Said] All I Got is My Word And My Balls! So Be real with your each other no matter what they do, and the fruits will come, I know, I'm Living it now............and It's Great.....If you want me Explain Here it is [in 2000 I almost lost my life in a fire and lost everything , records, computer, clothes, sound equipment, I mean all of it, but I have help other people, It's Just My nature, But I'm No FOOL...So My Part time Job was a skating rink where I DJ'd and there was a girl there who use to tell me that her brother was a DJ back in the day and she had all his old records, well I thought that well here is someone with a bunch of scratched up records, but was wrong the records she brought to me was a pick up truck load of records still in the original plastic, some not even opened, I'm Talking maybe 1000 recods dude............Yeah Blessing right? That's Not the real Blessing [she's Been My Wife Ever since................That's the Blessing! Thx For Reading My God Continue To Bless Your Talent Tha No.1 Bubba Yae
  7. Why do DJ's Underbid the Business because your are hungry?

    Hey Fellas Did Not know this would be such a powerful blog but I see It has made an impact on some serious minded individuals who have a passion for there craft and I applaud you all..........My knowlege comes from experience not hear say and I hope that all in this business, try and be the best they can be at it.......Don't let the wanna B's stop you from being who you are destine to B..... My God Forever Bless Your Talent Tha No. 1 Bubba Yae
  8. Why do DJ's Underbid the Business because your are hungry?

    From the Dallas area, Ive Been in the Game for a while and what I have seen in this thing is this! There are Jocks & there are Brothers wit a bag of cd's...........Now I don't proclaim to know it all , But I'm pretty F#@kin Good at My Craft which I applaud all who put in the work........the late night pratice, after work practice, wake up out of a dead sleep with a mix in your head type thing, You Feel Me! PLay another Dj's Cd in yo spot is Flattering But fake, exspecially when it has his drops in it and the fool try to talk over them, I understand why somme guys will underbid, well they either wanting to dj real bad or it may be a popular place and just want to say they work there to get layed.........either way your cheatin every jock out there...because most club owners want the most for less, they don't care if a joker couldn't mix two eggs together as long as he is cheap and some will let them bullshit them into coming in on that all time favorite {can u work wit me} line...to all if your serious about your craft {and I say craft because it is} Keep yo mixes tight and your time will come...........we all had to go through an asshole in our careers..so don't feel to bad...{a band can not be compared to what we do and we should get paid like the starz we are} GET YO F%#KIN MONEY......Tha No. 1