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  1. This shit is hot! Twista needs to start back funking wit traxter more and keep bangin more hot shit like this out!
  2. dis it dat bounce it to the flo shit right here!
  3. THIS HAM! NEED DROP AND SERVICE PACK TO djprofessionalstl@yahoo.com
  4. Anybody can rock what ever s.w their using pressing buttons! The software is what's doing all the work making ur ass sound like something! Take away all the efx and gimmicks and u probably ain't shit!
  5. Who gives a fuck that you got three cdj 1000's! Judging by what you use..u r probably are a wack ass button dj! And as my last reply may not have applied to u it applies to others beacause the truth is, that most dj's that can't afford serato do buy torq cause it is cheaper. Get what u can afford and make it work for u period! But when it is all said and done serato will still be on top! I will say this....i respect all and any dj that has earned his right to use any digital software, meaning years of carring dozens of crates of records, and digging in the crates searching for hits the old school way! Not these lame fake ass rookie dj's that fuck up the game and art form by getting in the game becaues it's looks cool, limewiring and everything else to get their little collections up, and then under cutting prices just to get gigs and ruining the art form of djing by spending more time at the laptop or cdj's by pressing buttons all night! Point blank..all of the softwares don't make djing any easier like jazzy jeff said, they only make djing more convenient.
  6. This is alright, hopefully it's a hit for her, cause she ain't been doing too much!
  7. Torq is kool, but serato runs the game period!, if you repping torq..it's beacause your broke ass couldn't afford the good shit! Just like buying gemini turntables beacause u couldn't afford 1200's! Broke ass rookies & niggas get what they can afford beacause they pockets are light!!
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