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  1. Primetime Ft. B-Ry - After The Club

    yup agree with all above...it's got some potential...
  2. Split Mobb - Model Walk

    hahahaa i finally got a chance to DL this song...it's pretty good, thanks! I wish i got it when you posted this back in MAY...sheesh but this IS pretty cool!
  3. R. Kelly Ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Superman High

    Nice!! Thanks...
  4. G-Mack Ft. Gucci Mane - How Bout U

    aaah...this more like a chill song...can't really see myself playing this in a club
  5. Rocko - Have It All

    I agree with others that say this is for the streets, something to chill to...not for the dancefloor...
  6. T-Coop Ft. Lyno - Like Urkel (Did I Do That)

    Did I do that??? haha...this is actually gonna be prety good...Urkel coming back around on Nick at Nite...still funny...thanks man..
  7. Cassie Ft. Diddy - Must Be Love

    it's gonna be pretty good...i like it...thanks...
  8. B-Hamp - Do The Ricky Bobby

    Hahaahaa..this is some shi+ that's banging...aaah dang!!! Gotta check out the video soon...thanks...
  9. Keri Hilson - Slow Dance (Produced by Timbaland & King)

    A nice slow, a few will stay out on da floor but it's more like chill time...still pretty cool, along with the remix that was posted...thanks for sharing
  10. Slim Ft. Ron Browz & Deezo - Heels On

    dang..this is like smooth...girls will strip to this dang...haha..thanks...i like it!!
  11. T-Lyriq - Burn It Down

    Hey this is gonna be good...i like it already...thanks i gotta try it out on the speakers man...dang!!!
  12. Payso Ft. A-Flat - Swaggin Up

    finally got to this...i think it's gonna grow on me...listened to it and it's pretty good...thanks
  13. Capone-N-Noreaga Ft. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz - Rotate

    thanks for sharing...i'll give it a listen soon...
  14. wow!! i like this the instrumental is hot!! thanks for the share...