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  1. 90% of the ocean is undiscovered and you’re telling me mermaids dont exist bitch?

  2. me: I'll just get on twitter for a few minutes before bed me: me: me: me: Is that the sun

  3. 2014 is less than 5 months away... Just let that sink in

  4. See I would #MentionAHoe but the way that my twitter account set up all I got is 140 characters

  5. RT @PatricePretty: Brandon ever seen you in thongs — Nall! http://t.co/IFsce8LGh4

  6. A lot of girls think being sexy will get them married, negative. being sexy will get you fucked..

  7. I see hoes will stop speakin to their friends over the littlest things, but will forgive the same trifling ass dude a millions times.

  8. To all the students who drop out and failed high school: Remember 2 things: 1. You tried ur best. 2. I don't like onions on my cheeseburger

  9. Maybe insomnia is payback for all the naps you refused to take as a child.

  10. im too pretty , bitch dont touch me

  11. RT @matteasy101: Niggas say #lightskin and #DarkSkin niggas like they're two different races