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    Sounds Like: Donny Hathaway, Michael Henderson, Johnny Taylor, Johnny Gill

    Label: Independent

    For Booking Contact: Pierre Walters, 1 877 977 2023

    Marketing Group: Blue- Artists

    At the age of seven, Michael Egleton was introduced to music when his mom brought home a guitar for Christmas. He continued to experiment with numerous instruments until finally connecting with the keyboard. Michael began his musical career in church composing and playing music for local gospel artists and churches. Throughout the years his passion for music has broaden to include various genres such as Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, R&B, and Blues. Jonny Gill, Donny Hathaway, George Benson, Michael Henderson are a few of the names that come to mind when you hear the music of Michael Egleton. Whether your in the mood to dance, or for love, the soulful, Jazzy sultry blends of piano and orchestra sounds with a sprinkling of Michael's raspy vocals, take you there with every song.

    Today his keyboard is how he interprets life and allows his feelings to flow from his heart. Michael's mature sound can be attributed to his childhood and being raised by his Grandfather, a fiery gospel preacher from the South, who in his younger days played Honkie-Tonk piano around the junk joints of Chicago and New York in the 30's and 40's. This fresh new sound with an old flare, innovative techniques and style, best describes Michael Egleton and his music. It's simple, yet mature. Nothing too complicated. A straight to the point sound that's refreshing in today's music.

    Some of Michael's musical influences are, the great Stevie wonder, Charlie Wilson, Barry White, George Duke, The Clark Sisters, Donny Hathaway and Michael Henderson to name a few.

    Originally from Barberton, Ohio, Michael now resides in Akron, Ohio and makes his music home in Atlanta, GA, commuting to and from during the year. The Akron, Ohio area is well known for producing many industry giants from Rock to Pop, Soul and R&B. Michael has released one independent album, Baby Baby Baby and an album with the Tate Music Group Label, That's Alright. He is currently working on Independent releases, A Look Into My Heart and That's Alright (the remix). The present song, Why Does It Hurt So Bad, is a hot tune being played on radio stations across the country and in the UK. Michael has had numerous articles and reviews written in many music magazines about him and his music. The current release, That's Alright is a main stay in the top 10 in the Akron, Cleveland, Ohio area in the Blues, Soul and Jazz genres. All of Michael's life experiences and lessons shapes him as a musician and are reflected in his music. Eager to experience success on the next level, Michael Egleton, is making his mark on the music industry.

    For Booking or Reviews, please contact Mr. Pierre Walters at 1 877 977 2023 or Blue-Artists.com
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    Hobbies are music, travel, trying new experiences
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  4. We'll be at the Sweet Auburn Festival Fall Edition Oct. 4-7 ! Can't wait!

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  8. Put September 14th on your calendar!!! Michael Egleton will be opening for the great and world known, Ohio Players in Akron, Ohio at The 385 Club, 452 N. Arlington Street. This promises to be a great night of Funk & Soul!

  9. we'll be opening for the great and world known, Ohio Players here in Akron, Ohio! It's all going down at The 385 Club on North Arlington Street, Akron, Ohio! I'm so excited I can't sit still!

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