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    Sims is a 22 year old artist and is a current active duty service member of the U.S. Navy from a small town in Mississippi called Porterville (P.T.V). Early life struggles forced him to commit to the Service. His dad was and is still incarcerated throughout his childhood, his mom and grandpa in which he was staying with at the time passed away when he was 15. He took off to find way to put money in his 2 little brothers pockets and to set an example for them. He wanted to show them that God only put so much pain on a person to help them strive for the best. He recently just started focusing on music 2 months ago and he currently has one mixtape released: EYEZ 2 THE STREETZ. He currently is an independent artist and doesn't have a management team so he does whatever he can to try and find a breaking point into the music industry... He does all his recording in his barracks room. He does his own hooks and tries to mix and master his own music.
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    Basketball, Football

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  1. after that church Mane my day feel so smooth... Fuk dese haters Nikka...my team ain't never loosing...takin L's is a no no#TeamJESUS #whouwit

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