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    Sims is a 22 year old artist and is a current active duty service member of the U.S. Navy from a small town in Mississippi called Porterville (P.T.V). Early life struggles forced him to commit to the Service. His dad was and is still incarcerated throughout his childhood, his mom and grandpa in which he was staying with at the time passed away when he was 15. He took off to find way to put money in his 2 little brothers pockets and to set an example for them. He wanted to show them that God only put so much pain on a person to help them strive for the best. He recently just started focusing on music 2 months ago and he currently has one mixtape released: EYEZ 2 THE STREETZ. He currently is an independent artist and doesn't have a management team so he does whatever he can to try and find a breaking point into the music industry... He does all his recording in his barracks room. He does his own hooks and tries to mix and master his own music.
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    Basketball, Football
  1. Well bak to recording

  2. http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/239773108 check out my new single "Feel Me Mane"

    #newmusic #hotmusic #independentartist #indiemusic #Followme #RT #kiddsims

  3. Reached out 2 a couple nikkaz bak home wit this music and dey ain't sent my shit bak yet... It is wat it is, get it however u get it.. Ima grind till I'm 6ft under..#kiddsims #takeover #dacitymine #nikkazaintrealnomo #rodgermode

  4. IM LEBRON JAMES u a fukin ROOKIE yo broad want a ticket ima go and book it

  5. Feel Me Mane remix coming soon... Wilson get yea verse ready #kiddsims #grindtime

  6. after that church Mane my day feel so smooth... Fuk dese haters Nikka...my team ain't never loosing...takin L's is a no no#TeamJESUS #whouwit

  7. A change is coming be aware... Can't keep runnin Forever sometimes u gotta face d music... Question is what is it that u r running from.... You will never find the answer until it makes u wanna break down.. N when u break down u gotta find a way to put the pieces together...

  8. guezz ima call it a nite

  9. Shid id rather have a real CIG... Smokin on DAT E-Cig no tellin whats in the fluid mixture.. Nikkaz be inhaling Embalming Fluid and Didnt (E.N.O) lmao

  10. had a good basketball trainin session today... and i thank god 4 keepin the Fuq boyz out my way 2 day....well bak 2 workin on dis mixtape#KIDDSIMS

  11. guess ill return to the court on these fuq boyz... brillo pad ass nikkaz... give the studio a break#KiddSims

  12. I'm cold hearted, (cold hearted) They say I get it from my father (cold hearted) I'm cold hearted (cold hearted) most time I don't wanna be bothered (cold hearted) No no, I've been some inner places chasing paper under the sun Wanna start a family one day gurl but I can't b faithful to one, I got a problem,#Coldhearted


  14. will i ever stop being cocky and confident? HELL NO... if i feel like im the best den thats jus me... mayb if you do everything to your full potential and stop half doin shit then u kan feel the same way... IMA CHANGE ON U NIKKAZ... iNEED SOME MORE COMP IN THE GYM... CHUNG-HOON WHERE YEA AT MAYB U GUYZ GOT SUM1 4 ME

  15. Wtf tj yeldon suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct and manziel was benched till halftime for making money off signatures lol... #DevilisWorkingHisMagic