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    DJ Mash ventured into music after completing high school, His driven passion began with art in which he specialized in painting pictures making craft and graphic design, The obsession of loving music came at a later stage, DJ Mash grew up in a family consisting of musicians and those were his brothers who played live instruments like the bass guitar and lead guitar for a band called the storm which was owned by Andy brown.

    DJ Mash started off as a rapper performing freestyles and challenging other rappers with his brother Bony Mash, As years went by DJ Mash was introduced to DJ Qness who was a rapper and a producer by that time they then formed a group called Juicy which had four members 3 rappers and a vocal singer Vindo Vinchento, Qness, Skenner D and Mash D we performed at a couple of shows the miss teen queens and Aids fund raising shows to name a few.

    DJ Mash became fascinated by the way music was produced so he took interest into becoming a producer hence the error began with an amazing house album titled Rebirth due to be released next year 2011 and this is just the beginning, DJ Mash has an amazing talent on the decks where he keeps party troopers on the dance floor wanting more. Alongside he performs with Shaz a talented vocal singer bringing the uniqueness of DEEJAYING. DJ Mash has released a single on air titled Fly Away feat Shaz a hit banger that people are going to love.

    DJ Mash was inspired by the works of Oskido, DJ Cleo, DJ Tira, DJ, Cndo DJ Qness Black Coffee, Rocco, Sis & Jones, DJ Garphie and many more
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