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    Money and success
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    Young upcoming rapper from Boston! I'm the hottest over here.
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    making music
  1. Listen to Young Neil - Motive by YoungN44 #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/jrC2yLAwqa

  2. 3 weekly followers. 8 unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via https://t.co/KKrRy0A6jD

  3. “@chrisbuuuh: “@44youngn: If broski hit me and it sound right, I'm making moves” who ?” Don't worry bout it, I got it. I'm outchea

  4. I always feel watched, that's why I never break character.

  5. When you make it from the bottom you the chosen one .

  6. Bitches be acting dumb, i bet Benjamin make her come to her senses

  7. I'm down for whatever

  8. Lol this nigga really called me at 4 am waking a nigga out my sleep and shit