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    Selibe Phikwe[Coppertown]
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    Smoking Reefer, Making Music, Creating Trends,Graphic Designing.
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    Artist,Pothead,Graphic Deigner,Entepreneur,Friend,Lover,Brother,Uncle,Son,Student.
    I Go By The Name (Nameless Heller), I use art as a form of expression.

    #NamelessSpecies #Nondescript
    #BrokeNiggaBalling #CookieMonster
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  1. NP: @KwestaDakar - Keep Walking"its like the track is based on my life...The first and second verse #iRelate"

  2. Gatwe vatsay ka di_Bomb ko Moshate?!!!!....Go nale bin laden'yana mo botswana?

  3. Born a sinner.Die as a Believer.

  4. °Talked to Mama°Talked to My Friend(Girl)Now a younging can go to sleep peacefully.#ImOut

  5. You invite me to a video shoot!!Ke batla go hitlhela Black Label/Hansa.Mo ga bo Ciroc askies!!!dondie.

  6. Got the Kanye West-I Am A God instrumental.2Trap Beats....Saturday im killin da microphone.Nightmares[Promo]Dropping Mid August.

  7. Kids:Beware of who you insult in the Social Media.You might be insulting a man with a Family,Wife_kids and all.But If he Acts The Fool..insult that negro.

  8. Thirsty........*Walks to the kitchen*At the kitchen door i be like"WtF am i doin here"*goes back to bed*

  9. "Money is PowerKnowledge is the Key"

  10. "Rap's a joke now,like Ibu|"-@EuriBw#SundaySchoolBully...still craay

  11. Just woke up.....@kskokaine be sleeping....We heading to the lab ha a tsoga...Much respekt to this man..Sick beats in indeed.

  12. Taking a nap...@kskokaine is an insomniac......Making Craay stuff all night.

  13. With @KsKokaine.Beat'i mo moweng.

  14. Had a splendid day with a cute yellow bone.TiredAf