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  1. Virtual DJ

    dude I have no clue what you just said...can you explain in more detail...I have the official version that came with the controller i bought..every time I try to start up the software it doesnt pick up the controller and doesnt start so i have to reinstall with the cd-rom...its the driver not being recognized not the virtual dj software...
  2. Virtual DJ

    I got a question though...why do I have to reinstall the driver every time I go to mix with my Hercules controller?
  3. Virtual DJ

    same here dude...industry people trip me out...they be on some oh thats for amateurs blah blah blah...you just mad i didnt come out the ass money wise and still can put on a great show...
  4. post your twitter...

    http://www.twitter.com/djmechanic_soul Get at me...oh...Im that nigga!!!!