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    Unapologetic HIP-HOP fiend living vicariously thru DJing | Hotline Radio Saturdays 6-7PM | Booking: 347-450-3485 | DC based, grinding by ✈️
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    Music, soccer, traveling & reading
  1. Decent track, not feeling it but I'm willing to test it out with an audience and see their reaction.
  2. Definitely going into rotation on Hotline Radio @hmg247
  3. djyagga

    Beyonce - XO

    Beyonce has done it again...and again...and again
  4. Great Track, reminiscient of the great Sade.
  5. RT @DJBimshire: #stayhumble through all success that may come your way. #staydriven through every bump on your journey… http://t.co/3dREibP…

  6. RT @CruzJuanma: Goalkeeper Nadine Angerer...!!! FIFA BALLON D'OR 2013 Women! Congratulations!!!! http://t.co/JC5QHdISF1

  7. MCs/artists your chance 2 be HEARD on New York radio via @djjeffhaze @REALHIPHOPFM TONIGHT http://t.co/mh6VBELnlt

  8. 66 goals in 56 matches - Congrats @Cristiano for winning the #FiFA 2013 Ballon D'or #soccer http://t.co/bhS7DfZsxw

  9. The most successful people I've come across are quiet, humble, determined, yet not boisterous. #foodforthought

  10. DJ Yagga here, chief party officer of the well known @officialPartyAnimalz (Instagram) promo geniuses A party you don't wanna miss 18+ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=463496680429440&set=a.443253812453727.1073741825.270256579753452&type=1&theater Twitter/Instagram: @DJYagga Instagram: @OfficialPartyAnimalz
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