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    UK Based Reggae Dancehall Artist STAGGABAKK, is the latest of naturally gifted Jamaicans who is set to light up our television and radio scene having a major impact on the music industry come 2013. His talent has no boundaries and he is limitless with the things he can achieve. Ever since he discovered his ability to write lyrics and rap to a beat, his confidence has sprung him onto a journey he never thought possible, due to coming from a hard fought background and a tough childhood.
    Born in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica, Christopher Sappleton aka STAGGABAKK has always had a passion for performing and being creative. Growing up, he captured the ears, eyes and heart of many locals in his community with his energetic, charismatic and passionate performances on various talent shows. He was supported by friends and family, especially his mother who he sees as his mentor and the reason behind him doing music altogether. She persuaded him to travel to the UK in 1999, so that he could experience a wider culture of music, learn from other musicians and develop into a much more versatile artist, like his idol Bob Marley did.
    STAGGABAKK has this freshness about him that we think forms the perfect blend of Reggae and Dancehall music. He sees himself as more of an international artist who appeals to the masses. “All I’ve ever wanted growing up is to be heard and taken seriously, music gives me the opportunity to do this, I believe through my songs, people will get to understand my journey and know who STAGGABAKK is”.
    In a recent interview he was asked where he got his name from and his response was ‘Stagaback is a kind of sweetie in Jamaica. I would often go to the shop to buy these sweets and on one particular day the shopkeeper (Mrs. Johnson) saw me coming and shouted, ‘Stagaback’, since then I’ve claimed it as my pet name, in Jamaica you are given a pet name that sticks with you for life. I had to change the spelling to STAGGABAKK for copywriting purposes.’
    STAGGABAKK has written and co produced his new album ‘WOT A GWAN’. “This album is me finding my feet, getting to know who I am and where I stand as an artist. I wanted to prove to myself and all who doubted me, that anything is possible if you put your mind to it”, Stated the man himself. This album has fourteen tracks including ‘MAMAS BWOY’, a song he wrote about his mother struggling to raise him into the man he’s now become. ‘EVIDENCE’ is the brand new single taken off the album, which is creating a real buzz in the music industry in Europe and soon to be the rest of the world. With a catchy chorus and funky beat, this track is infectious and will leave you singing many of the punch lines. This video that can be viewed via his personal website www.staggabakk.com or on www.youtube.com/staggabakk
    STAGGABAKK has a bright future ahead of him. We wish him all the best in his career.
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