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    I was born Michael george Shultis YOu wanna have drama and i'm jus lookin 4 a baby mamma let'z be honest this aint a contest 2 see who can b tha biggest liar liar pants on fire ur tyme expired every tyme i forget u i miss u more y cnt i just ignore this fuckn whore and leave her alone for gud i wud if i cud but just cnt wanna giv this anutha try but every time i do i die itz me not u i flood my brains and viens wit drugz 2 forget my selfish pain i can never gain never win cuz i alwayz choose the path that will lead me 2 use and loose on a road 2 selfdestruction and drug abuse theres no use wutz tha plan wutz tha point sum one fire up this joint i wish i cud restart the worst part but tha worst part hasn't even happend yet i bet were just 2 ships passin in the night now but sum way sum day sum how i will find my way bak 2 u now.... ,I love being a Juggalo!I have 9 tattoo's 6 of them ICP related . ICP iz tha fuckin shit!Nintendo iz tha shit wut else do u need ta no bout me byatchh!!! WOOP WOOP MCL, (much clown love) Founder and CEO of Got Muney?Records/Productions EST.2012
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    wrighting and recording