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  1. R.I.P Bankroll Fresh, we miss you OG Bank! @1YUNGFRESH https://t.co/sA0zCWk0LB #MillionDollarDreamsOTW ?????✈️?

  2. 7 new unfollowers and 5 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last day. Via https://t.co/mLb4TtNDsv

  3. My new sounds: ZAY MONTANA ( GO GET IT ) http://t.co/P9KeEjLm74 on #SoundCloud

  4. Somebody gotta sign me@im talking bout majors!

  5. Who you are on the inside is what will separate you from others!

  6. I would sign with Kendrick Lamar #TDE

  7. No man perfect but God

  8. Feel like I don't have nobody feel like I'm on this mission by myself

  9. Who wants a verse from me?

  10. RT @Cashvillesdice: Gotta GRIND HARDER ...if I could I wouldn't even SLEEP!

  11. Prolly finna get on this 2k for a while!

  12. RT @GvldenGirl: @RealZayMontana haven't been called shorty in a while lol but yeah you're right. It's sad but true.