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    Dayton, Ohio
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    Making dope music.
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    Artist from Dayton, Ohio.. devoted to telling a DIFFERENT story through a DIFFERENT flow, and a DIFFERENT mindset. I make party songs, I make love songs, I make summer songs, I make dark songs, I tell life stories, I make meaningful songs, I make worthless songs, I make priceless songs, I do it all. There isn't anything I can't go on.. I can go in on any beat. Believe that..
    Hip-Hop/90's Beats/ Trap Beats/ Poetic Beats/

    Welcome to the Elevated World!
    God Bless.
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    Making hits
  1. Roll me up 1 extra extra

  2. RT @KS_Clothing937: ☄☄☄☄✈️ https://t.co/A2ef2gGN68

  3. I'm still awake pretty sure this is the first time I havent seen a tweet every second.

  4. You wear my hat you expect to get fucked.. don't play around forreal.

  5. Smoke away the bullshit

  6. #ZimmermanTrial he is fucked.. people are gonna put hits on him I swear, seeing these comments on here, he might as well be dead

  7. Nice country broad dayum den boots are nice

  8. RT @Sav_P2R: Niggas gone start thinkin I got a ghost writer!

  9. Living for the lost ones, forever and always.

  10. New website for hip-hop news!!!!!!!!

    soundcloud.com/dmactracks/drink TWITTER @The_Real_DMac