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  1. ? I'm starting live on #AmericanTruckSimulator ! https://t.co/6sx0F5hVlZ #wizebot #twitch

  2. ATS SINGLE & MULTI: https://t.co/eVJdhLC6ad

  3. Hey peeps is the weekend so let me get you on club mode with this awesome mix http://t.co/sh9uNFjaAi #trancefamily #EDM #Music #DJ #Team140

  4. Installing Omnisphere and 40 gigs of library.....WOW!

  5. Ok is official my job Decide to do 2 10 hr days so we can have a 3 day weekend so next friday i will be off #Happy

  6. Starting next week I will be having a 3day weekend so no more Friday's #free #weekends

  7. new favorite Davey Asprey - Chimera (Radio Edit) by @MonsterTunes http://t.co/Cg9nbOOPSh on #SoundCloud

  8. I'm at Nielsen kellerman (Marcus Hook, PA) http://t.co/qtLpZ2hA1z